Slack is an extension of a collaborative performance artwork between Arie Rain Glorie and T.R Carter for Tape Projects, and explores the relationship between the structural body of buildings and the corporeality of the human body. Involving six other artists, Slack will incorporate a different projection each night, ensuring the viewer’s engagement with the performance artwork is constantly shifting and transforming.


Projection Artists: Yenny Huber, Hayley Brandon, Ygor Gama, David Mutch, Travis Heinrich, and Chelsea Hopper.


Projection Artists and Performance times:


Friday 19th July: 7pm, 8pm, 9pm            Ygor Gama

Saturday 20th July: 7pm                          Chelsea Hopper

Tuesday 23rd July: 7pm                           Hayley Brandon

Wednesday 24th July: 7pm                        Travis H Heinrich

Thursday 25th July: 7pm                           David Mutch

Friday 26th July: 7pm                                Yenny Huber


Where: Gertude Street Projection Festival:


Site Number: Site 16


Site Location: Inside Seventh Gallery, 155 Gertude Street








© 2013 Arie Rain Glorie and T.R. Carter